The Impact-WEB-GIS Platform permits the spatialisation of impact scores from ex-ante, mid-term, and ex-post impact assessments of projects, programmes, policies, and strategies in the selected territorial scales and analytical dimensions.

As such, this platform allows policymakers, practitioners and academics an instant visualisation of policy impacts of the selected intervention. This can go from a large infrastructural project such as an Airport, to a multidimensional and robustly financed policy such as EU Cohesion Policy.

By being linked with a tested, sound, and simple to use Territorial Impact Assessment methodology (TARGET_TIA), it facilitates a relatively rapid yet sound and robust production and visualisation of the intended impact scores.

Moreover, Impact-WEB-GIS Platform permits an immediate access to all interested to the spatialised scores at any given moment since it can be accessed via internet.

The construction of this platform was financed by a Portugal 2020 (POAT) project: POAT-01-6177-FEDER000063 (Monitorização e Avaliação de Impactos Territoriais das políticas públicas através de uma plataforma / Impact-WEB-GIS - Monitoring and assessment of territorial impacts of public policies via a WEB-GIS platform)

This project was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Eduardo Medeiros, who owns the copyrights of the TARGET_TIA methodology (

This POAT project was lead by the DINÂMIA’ CET (ISCTE) research centre ( with Prof. Dr. Vasco Gonçalves as a vice-coordinator.

The task of building this Platform was co-developed by the ISTAR-Iscte research centre, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. José Miguel Sales. The programming of the Platform was done by Dr. Ricardo Pinto.

Pra. Dra. Paula Castro Dr. Bernardo Valente (CIS-Iscte) collaborated in the production of the project report.


DINÂMIA’ CET (ISCTE) ISTAR-Iscte research centre CIS-Iscte Iscte

The Team


Prof. Dr. Eduardo Medeiros

Project Coordinator


Prof. Dr. Vasco Gonçalves

Project Co-Coordinator


Prof. Dr. José Miguel Sales

Project Supervisor


Dr. Ricardo Pinto



Prof. Dra. Paula Castro

Project report


Dr. Bernardo Valente

Project report


Project Publications


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